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Product Update - 17th June 2020
Product Update - 17th June 2020

Improved page copy and resizing, and bug fixes!

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Page Copy and Resize

Creating various different sizes of your documents has just been made much easier! Within the resize menu, you can now check up to 5 different page sizes and Xara will create a copy of your document in those checked sizes..

Selecting one size and clicking the resize button will do just that to your current document. Alternatively you can press Copy & Resize and Xara will open a new tab with your document, resized as selected.

Selecting multiple sizes and clicking the Copy & Resize option will then open a tab for each selected size.

Note: pop-up blockers may prevent these tabs from being opened. If so, Xara Cloud will notify you.

This can be useful when exporting your designs to social media in various sizes, e.g. Facebook post, LinkedIn post, Instagram post etc which all have different resolutions.

You can also lock the aspect ratio of your designs when entering a custom size by clicking on the little lock icon in the middle..

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an error when inserting or replacing an image in a file that contained only an image

  • Improved text lock time when collaborating on a document

  • Fixed an error when inserting a table after some certain steps

  • Fixed an issue which caused Cut (Ctrl + X) to not work with SmartLayouts

  • Fixed an issue which caused the upload summary popup in IE11 to not show the files that were successfully uploaded or failed

  • Fixed an issue which caused infinite loading of the File Picker.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the loading gif to remain on the login screen after loading the login form

  • Improved the file breadcrumbs on the top bar to accommodate long file paths.

  • Improved reliability when importing objects from the add panel

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