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Context menu functions
Context menu functions

Context menu: copy & paste format, replace, align objects

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Written by Matt Bolton
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The new context menu is simplifying the access to the most useful functions relating to the selected object or text. Here are some functions accessed by the context menu:

Copy & Paste format

The Copy & Paste Format button is a handy tool to keep consistency across your document.

  1. Select the text or object from which you want to copy the format (like color, size, font, etc)

  2. Click Copy format in the context menu (brush icon)

  3. Select the text or object you want to copy the format to, and click Paste format to apply it

Replace image

Select the image you want to replace and click the Replace image option from the context menu to get the drop-down menu.

Align objects

Select multiple objects and click Align objects from the context menu to e.g. get a consistent spacing. Hover over to see the different actions of alignment options.

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