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Vizzlo Plugin: Understand the UI
Vizzlo Plugin: Understand the UI
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Once you have connected your Vizzlo account successfully, the following is displayed within the Vizzlo tab in the Xara Cloud editor:

  1. The Vizzlo library displays all the charts created and stored within your Vizzlo account.
    Note: As Vizzlo automatically creates 3 example charts for you after sign-up, you should always find a minimum of 3 charts there right from the beginning.

  2. 'Create new' - button opens the Vizzlo template portfolio in a new browser tab

  3. 'Update all' button updates the Vizzlo library as well as all charts added to your Xara Cloud file.

  4. 'Profile Settings' button opens dropdown with links to Vizzlo's help articles as well as the possibility to disconnect your Vizzlo account from Xara Cloud.

  5. Vizzlo chart thumbnail shows the title of the chart as well as the time, when it was last modified in Vizzlo.


Once you have added a Vizzlo chart to your Xara Cloud file, the following is displayed within the Xara Cloud editor:

  1. 'Edit' button in context menu opens the inserted chart in Vizzlo's Editor in a new browser tab.

  2. Vizzlo graph section in properties panel on the right shows the Vizzlo link the inserted Vizzlo chart is linked to as well as the time the Vizzlo chart was last updated within the Xara Cloud file.

  3. 'Update graph' button updates the selected graph in the file as well as in the Vizzlo library.

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