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Vizzlo Plugin: Create a new Vizzlo chart
Vizzlo Plugin: Create a new Vizzlo chart
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  1. Click on the 'Create new'-button within the Vizzlo tab.

  2. Vizzlo's template portfolio gets opened in a new browser tab. Choose the chart, inforpraphic or business visualization which fit your need best and open it in the Vizzlo editor.

  3. Adjust the opened template according to your needs. Done?

  4. Switch back to the Xara Cloud browser tab you are working in.
    Note: While working on a Vizzlo chart your changes are normally auto-saved, so no saving is needed. However, if you just do some quick changes on your file we recommend to press the short cut ctrl+s to quickly save your chart.

  5. Update the Vizzlo library via the 'Update all' button.

Et voilà -

your freshly created chart is ready for usage within Xara Cloud.

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