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Vizzlo Plugin: Insert and edit a Vizzlo chart
Vizzlo Plugin: Insert and edit a Vizzlo chart
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Add a Vizzlo chart to your Xara Cloud file

  1. Select the chart you like to add to your Xara Cloud file from within the Vizzlo tab.

  2. Click on the chart thumbnail or drag & drop it on the canvas.



Edit an existing Vizzlo chart from within Xara Cloud

  1. Hover over the chart thumbnail within the Vizzlo tab and click on the 'Edit' button which appears. Alternatively you can also click the 'Edit' button in the context menu of an inserted Vizzlo chart.

  2. A new browser tab opens with the selected chart in the Vizzlo editor. Make your changes.

  3. Done? Switch back to the Xara Cloud browser tab you are working in.
    โ€‹Note: While working on a Vizzlo chart your changes are normally auto-saved, so no saving is needed. However, if you just do some quick changes on your file we recommend to press the short cut ctrl+s to quickly save your chart.

  4. Update the Vizzlo library via the 'Update all' button. Alternatively you can also select an inserted Vizzlo graph and click on the 'Update graph' button in the right properties panel. In this case only the selected chart gets updated within the file and in your Vizzlo library.


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