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Vizzlo Plugin: Organize your library
Vizzlo Plugin: Organize your library
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Written by Matt Bolton
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Do you have too many charts in your library and working with the Vizzlo library feels chaotic? In this article we show you how you can stay organized.

  1. Open your Vizzlo Dashboard, e.g. by clicking on the 'Create new' button within the Vizzlo tab and then switching into Vizzlo's Dashboard section of the new opened browser tab.

  2. Click on 'My Documents' on the left navigation panel.

  3. Create a folder by clicking on the 'New folder' button.

  4. Move your charts into the new folder by drag & drop or by multi-selection of several charts.

  5. Done? Switch back to the Xara Cloud tab you are working in at the moment.

  6. Click the 'Update all' button.

Et voilà - your freshly created folder shows up in your Vizzlo library.

Happy creating!

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