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Product Update - 20th August 2020
Product Update - 20th August 2020

Improved selection handles, SmartShape handles and mouse pointers, copy and paste improvements & reliability improvements

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Improved Handles and Pointers


We've made improvements to our all text and object handles, bringing in a more modern and less cluttered look. You can take a look at these handles here.

Pointers and Tooltips

Along with all our handles, the pointers and tooltips have all been modernised and better describe the action that the handle will do.

UX Improvements

As well as modernising our UI, we've made a number of quality of life and UX improvements to the editor, improving the scrolling and selection behaviour. Previously you were not able to scroll past the bottom of the last page, which made it difficult to awkward to work on the last page. This has now changed so you can scroll past it and be centralised to your browser window.

Copy & Paste Improvements

We've implemented a new copy and paste mechanism which means you will no longer be limited to internal copying/pasting. Rather, your browser will (only once) ask for permission to read your clipboard..

Afterwards, you can paste straight into Xara from an external source. Please see our article here for more information. Currently this is available for Chrome and Edge only. You can revoke access again but clicking on the little icon next to the URL and changing the settings there.

File Picker Reliability Improvements

Along with our UX improvements, we've also improved the reliability and performance of the file picker when searching for your files. No longer should you see any constant loading screens!

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed an error when resizing a comment after shift-clicking to select

  • Fixed an issue which caused infinite loading screen in the file picker after signing up

  • Improved performance when editing long flowing text

  • Fixed an error when adding rows with text caret in table

  • Fixed an issue which caused 624.k.on.op errors

  • Fixed an issue which caused the rotate handle to not work on a SmartLayout text panel

  • Fixed an issue which caused text to not be editable after searching for icon / image from Pixabay

  • Fixed an issue which caused text boxes from a PDF document to not be imported at the correct size

  • Fixed an selection issue when clicking on an object that's part of a multi-selection

  • Fixed an issue which caused an infinite loading screen to occur when user has a + within their team name

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