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Product Update - 28th September 2020
Product Update - 28th September 2020

Smart duplicate and performance improvements

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Smart Duplication

Smart Duplication allows you to select a shape or group of objects and multiply it as many times as you wish. This is useful for creating additional objects within a section, adding to a diagram and re-spacing / distributing them. For example:

Select an object, or series of objects like the above and Xara will detect if it is possible to duplicate these, and show you a + icon which you can then drag to duplicate.

Please also see this article here on use cases for Smart Duplicate.

Cloud Performance Improvements

Further improving from our last update, we've made more improvements to the performance of Cloud, reducing the load time of documents, the editing of text and responsiveness of changes. Cloud should feel a lot more 'snappier' and particularly text heavy documents will see a large improvement to load and edit speeds.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an error when changing theme colors after inserting a table

  • Fixed an error when sharing a file, leaving the tab open and returning after a while

  • Fixed an issue which caused the rotate handle to appear on top of edge handle

  • Fixed an error when applying a numbered list in certain scenarios

  • Fixed an error when importing certain BMP files

  • Fixed an issue which caused the context menu to appear above the text instead of the selection

  • Fixed an issue which caused Vizzlo to incorrectly report as disconnected after logging out

  • Fixed an error when dragging text within a group from one page to another

  • Fixed an error when a spell check suggestion or undo are buffered and replayed

  • Fixed an error when providing file thumbnails

  • Fixed an error when deleting a photo straight after someone else has just applied a photo effect

  • Fixed an issue which caused images within filled SmartShapes to not be replaceable

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