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How to use Smart Duplication
How to use Smart Duplication

Learn more about when and how to use the new smart duplicate feature. Use cases for Smart Duplication.

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Multiply and align objects

Smart Duplicate allows you to multiply a selected shape by an arbitrary number and define the horizontal and vertical spacing precisely.

Where can Smart Duplication be used?

1. Object multiplication and spacing (e.g. Team slides)

Open any team slide on Xara Cloud and adjust it according to your individual team size. Simply select the group or individual objects and drag the plus handles to add more. Now adjust the spacing with the spacing handle and replace the image β†’ done!

2. Diagram adjustments

Add any of our diagrams to your document. Most diagrams do not have the exact amount of individual items. With Smart Duplication you can either select the group or multi select individual objects and Xara Cloud will show the Smart Duplication handles. Simply drag the plus handles to add or remove items. Now use the spacing handle to better position the diagram on the page.

​Extra tip: In some cases, it helps to drag the corner handles to resize the diagram and make it fit perfectly to the page.

3. Equal distribution

Select multiple objects or a group of objects that are in one row to align them equally with a simple click on the alignment handle:

Note: The feature only shows, if the objects are single objects, aligned horizontally, grouped, or in a pattern.

4. Distribute along center

If you want to adjust the spacing and keep the objects centered, simply drag the spacing handle and hold shift down at the same time.

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