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Product Update - 21st October 2020
Product Update - 21st October 2020

New share to web options and improvements to account control

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Share to web improvements

We've improved our share to web feature to give you more control over how your document is presented. You can now set whether to show certain options, such as the page preview buttons, a PDF download button and the Xara logo.

To access this dialog, click on Share (top right) whilst in a document > Share to Web.

If you have more than 1 page, you can set how you would like to transition from one page to the other, whether as one long scrolling document or as separate pages that animate between each other...

You can view an example of this in action here:

Account control

Over the next few updates we'll be working on improving your control over your account, starting with allowing you to change your email address.

Click on your account Avatar (top right) > Advanced > Change sign in details to access this dialog. After entering your password, you can now change your email address here, or add a password to your account (if you used a cloud storage provider to log in).

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused an error message upon logging out

  • Fixed an error when adjusting a SmartTable cell padding and margins

  • Fixed an error when importing a file with a soft mask

  • Fixed an issue that caused the resize and menu buttons to appear randomly when loading a document

  • Fixed an error when cutting text from a flowing text area

  • Fixed an error when sitting in the company creation screen for too long

  • Further reliability improvements to the Filepicker

  • Fixed an issue which prevented the text caret from being moved with arrow keys

  • Fixed an issue which caused Opacity masks to not be rendered correctly

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