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Product Update - 16th December 2020
Product Update - 16th December 2020

PDF import, PDF improvements, PDF font replacement, Vizzlo back to Xara Cloud, Vizzlo back to app, PDF fixes, PDF editing

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PDF Import Improvements

This update includes multiple PDF import fixes and accuracy improvements, plus the following changes to font handling when editing imported PDFs:

PDF Fonts

Most PDF files include a definition of all the fonts that are used by the text in the PDF (embedded fonts), so they can be displayed accurately by any PDF Viewer. So when opening a PDF, Xara Cloud is now able to import these fonts too. Previously, Xara Cloud would often use a similar font instead. Now Xara Cloud will always use the fonts from the PDF (if they are embedded), so all text should always appear exactly as the document author intended, on any device. You can recognize those fonts, since they all have a PDF- prefix on their names, so you can easily distinguish them from regular Xara Cloud fonts.

Font Replacement

The fonts included in PDFs are usually incomplete, containing only the characters that are used in the PDF document. Thanks to Xara Cloud’s solution, you can edit text using these fonts as long as you only type characters that are already in the document. If you type a character that is not included in the PDF font, Xara Cloud will warn you and offer you 2 options:

  1. A simple 1-click replacement of the missing font throughout the entire document.

  2. Ignore the problem and continue using the PDF font. This way, only missing characters will be replaced with a different font.

When selecting 'Ignore', you will not be warned again about missing characters for that particular font, in the current editing session.

CMYK Color Profile

In this release we’ve improved the display of CMYK colors on screen, and also in all export formats that require conversion of CMYK colors to RGB. These color conversions now use a standard state-of-the-art Color Profile.

Vizzlo Improvement - Back to Xara Cloud

Together with our partner Vizzlo (our data visualization integration), we have improved the workflow to achieve faster results.

Now you can see a button in the Vizzlo editor, which only takes 1-click to get right back to your Xara Cloud document.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue which caused incorrect display of dash patterns after PDF import

  • Fixed an error causing issues with undo operations after reloading the page

  • Fixed a text editing error for users who have the 'Autofill by Fillr' Chrome extension installed

  • Fixed a stacking order issue for vertical duplication

  • Fixed character spacing issues after PDF import

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Vizzlo chart editing icon to be wrongly displayed

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