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My shared document isn't appearing correctly
My shared document isn't appearing correctly

What to do when your document isn't appearing as designed after sharing it

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If after sharing your document, it appears incorrectly for any reason - i.e. like so:

It might be due to your browser caching old content which is affecting the way it is displayed. Your browser temporarily stores, or 'caches' assets from websites in order to load them much quicker when revisiting them. In some instances, this can cause issues when updating and then visiting a page often, as the browser could load a mix of old and new assets.

Fixing the issue:

To confirm the problem is the cache, you can try the below:

1) Copy the share link, then go into Incognito mode (or private mode - Ctrl + Shift + N for Chrome, and Ctrl + Shift + P for Firefox), then paste and see now.

2) Try pasting the share link into another browser, such as Firefox if your using Chrome, or Edge.

3) Press F12, click on the Network tab at the top and check the option 'Disable Cache'. Refresh the page and check if it displays correctly now.

4) Try clearing out your browser's cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete and checking the option 'Cached images and files'.

If after the above it still appears incorrectly, you can message support by using the intercom button at the bottom right with the share link.

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