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Product Update - 13th May 2021
Product Update - 13th May 2021

Text inside shapes, new timelines and generic page layouts

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Text inside shapes

Create your own unique text boxes and designs with the new text inside shapes feature. Simply insert a shape or an image and double click inside to and add your text. Use the text properties panel to adjust the text within and create stunning graphics for your documents!

Tip: by default text will auto-fit to the container, click the auto-fit option to enable or disable this:


With the improvements made to our SmartLayouts and additional content that's been added, we've added a new category under the Diagrams directory called Timeline. This will make it easier and faster to find the right content and diagrams for your documents.

Presentation Page Layouts Library

Presentation Page Layouts are alternative layouts that can be used in Presentations. Rather than be limited by the pages that are within the template's design, these layouts can be used without having to manually create these yourself.

You can find these layouts in the Add page panel when editing your presentation document.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue which prevent members from accessing a team cloud storage.

  • Fixed an error when dragging the rounding handles of an oval.

  • Fixed an error when duplicating an item with a symbol in a timeline.

  • Fixed an issue which prevented a file from being saved as a team template.

  • Fixed an issue which caused an error when opening certain PDF files.

  • Improved PDF editing performance and responsiveness.

  • Improved marquee selection auto scrolling behaviour.

  • Fixed an error when editing text colors.

  • Fixed an issue which prevented importing SVG's from URL.

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