Advanced Locking

We've expanded on our locking tool with new features that allow you to finer control how your documents, branding and templates are used and edited. Added to the locking controls are:

  • Aspect ratio - Allow resizing and edited but maintains the aspect ratio of the object/s

  • Size and position - Allow editing, but not moving or resizing

  • Only Admins can unlock - prevents members from changing the lock setting on an object

You can find these options in the Lock panel, either by clicking on the lock button in the context menu, or from the right hand properties panel after selecting an object. Locks will also be maintained when documents are saved as templates.

Please see this article for more information on locking.

Bug fixes and Other Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that caused a new line to be inserted when embedding objects in text.

  • Fixed an issue that caused text inside a text frame to grow when the dimensions of the text frame increased.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the lock settings to not be honoured when clicking on the bounds for a text inside shape object.

  • Fixed an error ( when applying character spacing inside SmartLayouts and text inside shape objects.

  • Fixed an error when optimising certain files.

  • Fixed an error when uploading a file through the wizard.

  • Fixed an issue that caused selection and hover indicators to be mispositioned on first load.

  • General text editing fixes.

  • General editing reliability improvements.

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