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SocialBee: Getting Started
SocialBee: Getting Started

Getting started with sharing your content to social media

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Save time and share your social media content from within Xara Cloud for free!

Share your facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter posts instantly from within Xara Cloud with the new SocialBee plugin - and completely for free. SocialBee is a social media management tool for Entrepreneurs, SMBs, and Agencies which automates your social media posting from one place.

Good news: No installation nor signup to SocialBee needed

No installation or signup is needed in order to use the SocialBee plugin. It can be used from within Xara Cloud without any barriers, by both paying users as well as free users. Enjoy the freedom to instantly post whatever you need to share with the world.

How it works (3 steps)

  1. Open any social media template, customize it, and click on the Share button in the Editor to select 'Share on social media'.

  2. Select the social media channels you want to post to. We automatically resize your design to make it fit the social platform's requirements > learn more

  3. Connect your social media profiles, add text and hashtags to your posts, then share them instantly via the SocialBee connect plugin > learn more


Once you have used the SocialBee plugin via Xara Cloud you have always the opportunity to signup for a SocialBee account to view your posting history and use advanced features like scheduling of posts, hashtag libraries and more.

There is also a 14 days trial available for more advanced features.

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