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SocialBee: Resizing your content
SocialBee: Resizing your content

Automatic resizing to fit several social media profiles

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Social media image sizes seem to change constantly. One moment you have the perfect post size. The next, the social networks change their requirements and the previously fine-looking post image looks cut off and wrong. That's why we take care of the resizing before you post to several social platforms.

Resize your design for best posting results

Once you've clicked on 'Share > Share on social media', you enter the Resize pop-up:

  1. Select the social networks you want to post to in order to trigger automatic page resize. This new resized page is automatically added to the end of the document.

    Note: For free users: as resizing is a paid feature, you are able to post on one social media network only. Subscribed teams can choose as many platforms as they wish.

  2. On the right side of the Resize pop-up you see a preview of the resized pages of the different social media networks.

  3. If you need to adjust the images, you can either click on 'Edit post' button or the 'Close' button of the pop-up. Make your adjustments and then return to the Resize pop-up via 'Share > Share to social media'.

Et voilà - you are ready to publish your posts via the SocialBee plugin.


How does resizing via the Resize pop-up differ from resizing via the Resize menu?

Resizing via the Resize pop-up enables you to store several social media sizes of the same design within one document - i.e. you can work campaign bound. Store all your posts related to one cross-platform campaign within one document.

Resizing via the Resize menu enables you to change the size of your whole document - i.e. you can resize all slides of a presentation into e.g. facebook posts.

Am I able to publish carousel posts from within Xara Cloud and via the SocialBee plugin?

At the moment we support the publishing of single image posts only. Carousel posts will come soon.

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