Data protection is important to us. With this article we want to give you insights to what happens to your data when you use the SocialBee plugin.

1. Secure data transfer between Xara Cloud and SocialBee

The transfer of data between Xara Cloud and SocialBee is secured by an authentication process. This ensures that the SocialBee plugin can be only used when you login to your Xara Cloud account and call the SocialBee plugin.

2. Storage of anonymised data by SocialBee
For authentication Xara Cloud sends an anonymised ID to SocialBee. This anonymous ID is used on their side to store the information you provide to them via the SocialBee plugin. No other personal information is transferred from Xara Cloud to SocialBee besides the images you want to share on your social media profiles. This way we ensure your data is protected.

3. Connecting the dots
The moment you decide to sign-up to SocialBee your previous posting history via the SocialBee plugin in Xara Cloud can get hooked up to your SocialBee account. For this contact their support team. This way we ensure data protection while at the same time we guarantee that your actions via the SocialBee plugin in Xara Cloud are accessible to you anytime.

Happy posting!

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