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Product Update - 19th July 2021
Product Update - 19th July 2021

Bug fixes and reliability improvements

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Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an error when dragging rounding and margin handles on speech bubble shapes.

  • Fixed an issue that caused theme colors and styles to not be created on document import.

  • Improved advanced locking reliability.

  • Importing PDF documents will add the document as a new page.

  • Prompt will no longer show when deleting a single repeating object.

  • Fixed sign-in overlapping text on smaller screens.

  • Fixed a crash when deleting and re-adding text.

  • Fixed an issue that caused UI to shift out of view.

  • Fixed a crash when shift + backspacing in text repeatedly.

  • Minor UI and UX improvements.

  • Selection handling improvements.

  • Server reliability fixes.

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