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Product Update - 6th September 2021
Product Update - 6th September 2021

Page operation improvements, document open performance improvements and preview document.

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Page operations

We've improved the accessibility of the page operations, making it easier to control the pages within your document. Now, after opening a document, click on the menu icon next to the page to see the options for that selected page.

You can also select multiple pages with Ctrl + click for individual pages, or a group or pages by clicking the first, and shift + click the last, and access the options to perform bulk operations.

Add new page

Add a new page from the page layout menu. This is the same as clicking 'Add Page' from the left-hand tool menu. More information on adding a new page.

Add blank page

Add a blank page to your document. This will be inserted under the page you have selected. More information on adding a blank page.

Cut page

Cut (Ctrl + X) a page from the document. Use Paste (Ctrl + V) to paste it elsewhere within the document (or into another document). More information on cutting pages.

Copy page

Copy (Ctrl + C) the page. Use Paste (Ctrl + V) to paste the copy in. More information on copying pages.


Paste (Ctrl + V) a copied or cut page. More information on pasting pages.

Delete page

Delete's the page from the document. More information on deleting pages.


Rename the selected page. More information on renaming pages.

Add comment

Add a comment to the page. More information.

Document open performance improvements

Nobody likes watching a loading screen, or waiting for documents to open so in this release we've made a number of improvements to the speed in which Xara Cloud opens your files. On average documents should load 25% faster load speeds than the previous updates (on some documents we saw nearly 40% faster load times).


Preview document

You can now quickly preview your document before sharing or exporting to see what it will look like.

After opening a document, click on Preview button on the top right of the screen to preview your document. This is what it will look like when you share your document or download it (the top and bottom preview/navigation bars won't appear on downloaded documents).

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect default margins when converting text inside a shape to a text panel.

  • Importing a logo from the components panel will no longer use the existing document brand or logo.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the logo component to be cropped on import.

  • Fixed formatting on the email address change email.

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