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Product Update - 7th October 2021
Product Update - 7th October 2021

A major update for commenting, initial support for PDF forms, and more

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

Better Commenting Means Better Collaboration

The ability to collaborate on key documents in real time with your distributed team has never been more important, which is why we're delivering a big step-up in our commenting capability.

A new Commenting Panel on the right hand side of your document makes it quicker and easier to view, edit, add & respond to comments from your team, or invite new collaborators to comment. Plus there are new options to filter comments (show only resolved, unresolved or comments that mention you) and share documents with comment-only permission.

For full information on these powerful new commenting features read our updated Quick Intro to Commenting.

PDF Editing & Forms

In this release we take the first step in support for PDF forms, an addition to Xara's already great support for PDF:

  • When editing a PDF, any forms present in the document are now preserved when the modified document is exported back to PDF

  • The most common types of form fields in PDFs can now be edited in Xara Cloud

  • Plus many other general PDF editing improvements

Selected Date Form Field

Other Improvements

Selection Improvements

Some fine-tuning that should make selecting objects more intuitive:

  • Cleaner handle designs (outlines removed)

  • Square handles are now smaller

  • Outlines shown on mouse-hover are now lighter and dotted

  • Outlines around an object with something selected inside are now dashed

  • Selected objects are shown with a solid outline

Snapping Improvements

Changes to make snap lines more visible, intuitive and informative; a little help to make your page layout look just right:

  • Snap tolerance increased to make finding snap positions easier

  • When moving objects, they no longer snap to their original positions

  • Avoid snapping to center of a guide rectangle; snap to center of page instead

  • All snap lines are now pink to make them easier to see. Object snap lines are dashed

  • No snapping to fully-locked objects

  • ALT+drag now constrains the move to 90 degrees from its current position

Dashed snap lines for object center, and solid snap lines for page center

Other Fixes

If you spot anything unexpected, let us know. Every release includes a host of small enhancements and fixes:

  • Pasting from clipboard sometimes failed with ‘Clipboard doesn’t contain anything’ error. Fixed

  • Add Page in product sheets now shows only offers pages of the same design theme, not all product sheets

  • Bulleted list editing. When clicking in an empty bullet point, the text color could change to the color of the bullet point. Fixed

  • Multi-page selections could sometimes be lost on opening the … menu in the page thumbnail panel. Fixed

  • Can’t use Delete key to delete a page on Mac. Fixed

  • Shortcut references on Mac changed from Ctrl to Cmd

  • The context menu on a photo now has Replace instead of an icon, for the Replace menu.

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