An important update that will make it significantly easier for you and your team to access and manage your files and folders in Xara Cloud, improving your workflow, saving you valuable time and adding clarity to the process of saving and retrieving your documents. Bottom line a change that will add to the success of your team.

The highlights are:

  • Files are now automatically saved to Xara Storage, a single dedicated place for all your Xara Cloud documents, perfect for effortless collaboration

  • No need to connect your own cloud drive(s) (but you can still seamlessly connect them if you want)

  • Files can be saved to private Your Files and shared Team Files in Xara Storage

  • Create, move, delete and rename files & folders right within Xara Cloud

  • Improved Recent and Shared With You filters to help you quickly find the right file

Read all about Xara Storage and the Home screen improvements here.

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