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A simpler way to scale impactful content: Introducing The Collaboration Suite.
A simpler way to scale impactful content: Introducing The Collaboration Suite.
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Collaborating on creative, marketing, and business material is rarely a straight line to the finish line. Only a handful of teams can pull off creating brand experiences that drive outcomes by leveraging individual skills efficiently. That’s why we’ve introduced the collaboration suite. A simple way to create content with your team, removing informational noise, and keeping everyone on the same page to achieve business goals faster.

Driving smarter collaboration by centralizing communication.

Our new commenting panel puts an end to scattered feedback, lost information, and time being wasted looking for notes and files across channels and platforms. Your documents are now your real-time, organized single source of truth and open communication channel, keeping track of what’s been done and what’s next. So your work can deliver outcomes instead of headaches.

Simplify together, move forward faster.

Waiting for people to finish their part to start yours mostly leads to missed deadlines or overtime work. Whether you are an editor or a guest, you’ll always see the progress in real-time. And since people work at their own pace, manage different projects, and are often in different time zones, you can tag and immediately notify them when their input is needed. Create the clarity and predictability your team and clients want by inviting them to collaborate.

Your future work just got easier.

Every marketing team should have its own asset toolbox to make iterative work easier because it’s not about reinventing the wheel. Whether it's logos, images, or even full components you want to re-use for campaigns, keeping them in a central organized place will simplify your team's workflow.

Rolling out next week! 🚀

Don't just store. Accomplish more with your files.

Ensuring your work is always ready to use, up to date, and safely kept is the foundation of productivity. From the 25th of November onwards, you will get immediate access to Xara File Management.

What is Xara File Management?

Ideas, work, and inspiration can spawn instantly, but worrying about saving them, keeping track of their whereabouts, and ensuring that the work isn’t duplicated or overwritten can create headaches. That’s why your content and work are automatically saved, organized, and accessible in one place - effortlessly. Access and work on your files in Xara Cloud with your team, from anywhere.

Where your team’s work begins and continuously improves.

Say goodbye to lack of clarity, working on the wrong version, and miscommunication. Team Files powers effective collaboration in real-time by collecting ideas and making files accessible to your team wherever they are - keeping everyone in sync. Micromanagers and messy folks feel at ease with clarity, full control, and security.

Create, unveil and share masterpieces when you are ready.

We all work and organize ourselves differently, and we’ve kept that in mind so you can keep all your ideas and personal documents at your fingertips - instantly saved and only accessible to you. And whether you’re interrupted, getting sidetracked or life happens, you can always access your latest work under Recent Files and pick up where you left off. Once you’re ready to make your masterpieces visible to others, easily move and share your files internally and externally from the comfort of your workspace.

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