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Product Update - 24th March 2022
Product Update - 24th March 2022

Bug fixes and improvements

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Spring is here! And with that feeling in mind, the team has concocted a list of fixes for you to take a moment with. A number of improvements, in particular, to our new MLS Connect feature. (Try it now, if you haven't yet!)
Sit out in the sun and let Xara show you how we've made life easier for you in the online world.

  • Replacing your MLS Listing can take some time, as Xara is digging deep into the backend files to make sure it's 100% on par. We've added a display feature that shows you exactly 'what' that progress is as we're pulling the new details. There will be no thumb twiddling from here on out.

  • When searching for a new Agent to replace in your document, if you have more than one listed, a prompt will appear asking which agent you're looking to replace.

  • Hovering your cursor over any MLS SmartField (in your document) will display a tooltip showing you which field those details are bring pulled from. If there was no data pulled from your listing, it'll display that too. We're not making it up: the feature knows.

  • Added new Headers and Footers to include auto-generated page numbers!

  • When a new font size is chosen for any text box created, the contained text will no longer attempt to automatically fit to the box. This helps rid of potential formatting errors.

  • Allowed the negative space (blank space in between letters, shapes etc.) in your logos to be clicked during edits. It's no longer uploaded as a transparent image.

  • Added a popup window when deleting any folder or document from the Cloud asking you to confirm. Can't be too careful with kids, pets, or any other possible keyboard mashers.

    And many more improvements!


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