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Product Update - 12th April 2022
Product Update - 12th April 2022

Bug fixes and improvements

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With Good Friday (if you celebrate it) coming up, Xara brought some good news to keep your week going. A number of improvements on our new MLS Connect feature along with a few bug fixes on this release:

  • When you search for a listing or agent in the MLS Connect panel, the details of the listing (or agent) are displayed, but not immediately applied to the document. Once you have the correct listing/agent in the panel, you can then click the Apply button to update the document or section you’re working on. This change makes it especially easier to work with documents containing multiple listings or agents.

  • The MLS Connect panel now switches automatically between the Listing and Agent tabs, according to whatever’s highlighted in the document. E.g. While editing, clicking on an agent’s photo shift the panel to the Agent tab. Clicking on a listing’s field will switch it back to the Listing tab.

  • Agent photos are now supported with teams that access MLS through both Bridge and Spark API’s. If you’re unsure as to what that means, just smile like your photo and give it an upload.

  • When you select a field to edit, we’ve removed the editing handles on the text box it’s located in. This is to make clear that you’re editing only the field and not the whole text box it's inside of.

  • Squashed a bug in where certain Smart Fields that contained no value showed up as empty. This could easily be overlooked while editing, so Xara opted to show that the field is empty by adding a few *****asterisks***** in its place.

  • We’ve updated the ID field to immediately respond when an invalid ID number is entered. The field previously displayed that all ID’s were valid (temporarily) before displaying a general error message.

    And many more!

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