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Product Update - 27th April 2022
Product Update - 27th April 2022

Bug fixes and improvements

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Written by Matt Bolton
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This week’s releases are small, but mighty. The improvements are here to make sure your work is fast paced so you have more time dedicated to that summer vacation. Included are the following:

  • Updated the ‘Replacement’ option in listings to include MLS IDs, addresses, and thumbnails. Adding to that, MLS is now included in the same menu’s dropdown options under ‘Replace’.

  • Fixed a minor bug not giving the tooltip to certain photos on MLS Listings.

  • Changed the error message on Listing IDs that were entered incorrectly. We swear, it’s not us...

  • Updated the popup when deleting a file (or folder) to indicate that the file will be removed from all areas in the Cloud.

  • Fixed an editor glitch to deselect all elements when dragging a Smartfield into the document. If you can’t live up to the name, what can you do?

  • Added an option to create a folder when moving your Team Templates. A small folder icon with a + symbol on thumbnails.

  • An overall connectivity boost to keep up-to-speed.

    And many more bug fixes and updates!

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