Xara's smart table maker helps you create whatever table you need

Written by Kate Moir
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Tables play an important part in many different document types, and the requirement comes in all shapes and forms. Which is why we have launched a new and very flexible Smart Table feature that will meet your every table need.

To insert a table simply click on the Table option in the left hand side toolbar and select from the new range of fully-editable table designs.

You can edit the text in any cell by simply double clicking the text and typing. But there's a whole lot more flexibility in our new tables, read on to find out more:

How to resize and move the whole table

Select the table by clicking on it and use the resize handles on the top (height), side (width) or corner (resize). To move the table just drag on any point in the selection box around the table.

How to add and delete a column or row

Select the row or column by clicking on the grey hover bar next to it, click + to add a row or column or x to delete a row or column.

Selection tip: you can use the Shift and Ctrl + cmd keys to quickly select a range of rows or columns. For example, click on a column's grey hover bar, then SHIFT+CLICK on another column's hover bar, and all the columns in between are also selected. If you CTRL+CLICK instead, you select only the columns/rows you click on.

How to move a column or row

Select the row or column by clicking on the grey hover bar next to it, then drag on the hand symbol to reposition it.

How to adjust the width of a column or row

Simply click and drag the handles you'll see when you hover over any border.

Tip: you can see the current width or height of a row or column by selecting it (by clicking on the hover bar next to it) and hovering over the border.

Set row or columns to same height/width

You can select a block of rows or columns and set them to the same width/height by clicking on the Distribute Column or Distribute Row icon in the context toolbar.

How to change the color of a cell, column or row

You can change the background color of a single cell, or a whole row or column. Select the cell by single clicking in it, or the row or column by clicking in the grey hover bar next to it. You will see the cell background color swatch in the right hand properties panel. Click the swatch to edit.

Selection tip: you can use the Shift and Ctrl + cmd keys to quickly select a range of cells. SHIFT+CLICK on a cell creates a rectangular cell selection between the original cell, and the second one you click on. CTRL+CLICK selects any individual cells you click in.

How to change the color and style of borders

You can edit the border style, color and width via the menu on the context bar, so you can perfectly match it to your document, and highlight important content. Simply select the row or column or range of cells that you wish to change and click the controls in the drop down Border field on the context bar.

How to merge/ split cells

You may want to merge cells, typically to create a heading that stands out. Simply select the cells you want to merge and click on the Merge Cells option on the context bar.

If you select cells that are already merged then you will see a Split Cells option on the context bar.

How to import data from external sources

You can copy tab separated values from the clipboard. So for example you can select the data in an Excel file and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C). Then simply click in the top left hand cell of the area you wish to copy it to in your Xara table, and paste (Ctrl+V). Additional rows and columns will be added to your Xara table if required.

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