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Product Update - 12th September 2022
Product Update - 12th September 2022

A significant update with a host of new options to smooth your workflow

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

Our latest release introduces some great time-saving new options to the Editor and Home Screen:

  • You can now copy the URL of a document to the clipboard right within Team Templates in the Home Screen, and share it with others (the equivalent of Share to Web without having to open the document).

  • A new Edit option in the top toolbar of the editing window, for quick access to the most common edit actions (cut, copy, paste, delete, duplicate).

  • A new Add to Assets option in the context bar, so you can easily add an item to your Team Assets while working in the Editor.

  • Improvement to the recently added text color control in the context bar: you can now quickly select from a palette of your brand colors to help ensure brand consistency.

Plus a host of other minor enhancements and fixes requested or suggested by users, including:

  • A new Document Properties option in the File menu displays key info on your doc such as brand and styles used

  • Ctrl+V now pastes into the center of the view

  • In last week's release we limited the auto-replace feature for stock photos, we've now extended that to images, logos and icons dragged in from Team Assets; that is you now have to drop these items clearly on top of another item in your document for it to be automatically replaced

  • Fixed text rendering glitches reported by some users when changing zoom in Chrome

  • When you create a new bullet list, the text of the first bullet item is now automatically selected.

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