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Product Update - 16th December 2022
Product Update - 16th December 2022

Easier color editing, improved character support & more

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

We've squeezed in a selection of usability improvements before the Christmas break. Improvements include:

  • We now show the Color patch for any selected object in the context bar, whether that's text, shape, icon, diagram, table or Smartfield, offering an easy way to find and replace colors for any object.

  • No more ▯ when you paste in a character that isn't supported by your current font, such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean letters. Xara will now check for fonts that support the character and insert the correct character into your text using that font.

  • One handy feature of our team collaboration is the ability to send a colleague a direct link to a team asset. We've now improved the workflow for this process.

And a host of other minor fixes and improvements.

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