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Using AI to Create & Edit Text
Using AI to Create & Edit Text

How Xara's Artificial Intelligence tools can help you create better text

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

If you have been thinking that AI is just a news story, or something for the future, then think again. You can use Xara's AI powered text tool today, and it will change the way you create content; enhance your productivity, improve your user experience and help you in every text related task. And it will create coherent, relevant, consistent text.

Here's how to get started:

Create New Content

Simply place the cursor in your document, click on the round blue and pink icon next to the text panel:

Enter some guidance on the text you want to create, in the 'write me a..' field (I asked for '20 words about coffee', the simplest possible example) or pick one of the 'start from scratch' suggestions... Click the Submit arrow and prepare to be amazed.

The text will be entered in your text block. If you don't like the copy, just click Regenerate and it'll try again

Enhance Existing Content

You're not just limited to writing new text with our new AI tool. If you select some existing text in your document, then click on Switch to edit selected text you can explore all the ways in which Xara AI can help you improve your existing copy:

Select your option and Xara AI will replace the selected text with its suggestion, which you can Accept (click Done), Regenerate or Discard in the same way as new text.

Improve my content and Fix grammar do what they say on the box. Make it longer will generate a longer version of the text, but always within the bounds of the existing text box.

Translate will translate the selected text and currently offers the following languages:

Change tone offers these possibilities

And finally Make it shorter can either simplify the language or extract the key points.

We hope this guidance will help you get started with Xara AI, but this is really just one of those features where you have to simply give it a go to understand the marketing and business possibilities opened up by this new technology!

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