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Product Update - 18th October 2023
Product Update - 18th October 2023

Super fast digital printing with Document Check and Xpressdocs

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

We're excited to announce two important new options that enable fast and efficient creation of professional documents; Document Check and the popular Xpressdocs print service.

Document Check

Our new AI assisted tool will help you quickly spot errors and make suggestions for improvements, so your document is ready for commercial printing or sharing with others. Simply click the new icon on the top toolbar...

... to check your document and automatically suggest improvements. For example in this document it's spotted a low quality image and spelling mistake:

click on the alert in the Document Check Panel for suggested fixes, here for example it shows suggestions for my 'flexiblle' spelling mistake:

And here for the low quality image:

Important note: If you see a low image quality warning you must replace the image with a suitable higher resolution version, using the Replace option, if you are planning to send this document to commercial print. It is recommended that this shouldn't be less than 200DPI for good print quality results. Clicking the About DPI link will give you further guidance:

Tip: You can find the resolution of your current image by mousing over the corner handles of your photo.


Xpressdocs offer a popular on-demand digital printing service for North America and Canada, and it's now fully integrated in Xara Cloud for a smooth and super-fast commercial print workflow.

Once you've done your document check and you're ready to print, simply select File > Print via Xpressdocs. If you don't see the option that means the document type isn't supported by Xpressdocs eg social media posts.

If your document does not meet the basic Xpressdocs standards in any way you will get another alert at this point, and you won't be able to continue (for example if you have not attended to the low image resolution alert, or if your flyers don't have 2 pages or your brochures 8/12/16/20). Otherwise you'll see some optional advice, if you are ready to continue click Print to connect to Xpress docs and set up a temporary account:

Check the Pricing Table and follow the simple instructions to set up your order and delivery address (here for example is the setup for a postcard).

And when you're done, simply click Proceed to Checkout!

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