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Product Update - 21st May 2024
Product Update - 21st May 2024

The latest updates to the editor, plus new formats, workflow improvements and more

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

It's Spring up north and that seems to have inspired the team to release a shower of improvements to Xara Cloud in the May release. To name just a few:

  • An extension of the Find & Replace function to include Replace All, with Whole Word and Case Sensitivity options.

  • An addition to the already wide range of formats supported: You can now open and import AVIF files, an open image file format, typically used for photos as an alternative to JPEG. These will usually have an avf or avfs file extension.

  • Some improvements to the workflow of Xara Cloud's powerful commenting feature, making it easier and more intuitive to place a comment, for the benefit of the many teams using Xara Cloud for collaborative editing.

  • We've been chipping away at the edge cases to improve the success rate of our groundbreaking Doc from URL feature (for example when you have images within <frameset><frame>, or you are using recently released versions of Chrome). See this article if you missed the original announcement about Doc from URL; it's perfect for Real Estate agents that want to quickly and easily copy listing data from their websites into their marketing documents.

  • Improved results for the AI text generation feature with longer documents that flow across multiple pages (if you missed the AI launch, check out this announcement).

  • Many other enhancements, including improved import of PDF forms, improved control over text colors, fixes relating to text flow around embedded objects, some smart technology to streamline sign-in, and more.

Many of our improvements are driven by customer feedback. If there's something you like to see added / improved / fixed in Xara Cloud, why not hit the chat button now and let us know! >>>

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