This is the Xara Editor window which appears when you open a document or template. Here's an overview of the editor:

Lets break down all the components that make up the editor

Page Zoom
Controls the zoom of the document work-space. Click here for more information

Add Page
This will add a new page to your document from the file picker. To add a blank page, select an existing page and press the Add Empty Page option from the popup. Click here for more information on adding pages.

Page Overview
This is the panel on the left and contains a thumbnail picture of all your pages. Click on a page to jump the view to that page. Drag the handle in the middle of the panel to collapse or open it.

Document Workspace / Page
This is your main working area that you can add and edit your document.

Add Component
This will bring up the component panel where you can add new components to your page. Click here for more information.

Document Properties
This is where you can set options that affect your whole document, such as the language for the spell checker, any styles or the page dimensions under Page Properties. This panel can be accessed by also going to File > Document Properties. Click here for more information.

Top Bar Overview

The top bar also contains some important controls, lets break this down:

Home Button
This will return you to the file picker.

File button
This will show you all the basic file operations of your document, such as Save, Open, Make a copy, Properties and Download.

Undo and Redo
You can also press Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y as normal to undo and redo.

Filename and Status Bar
This will show you the file name of the document you have open, and the status, or progress bar, of any operation you have done (such as download or export, save etc...)

Account and collaborators
Click on your avatar to bring up your settings. If there are multiple users working on the same document, you will see their avatar next to yours with the initials of their name. Click here for more information about settings and here for more information on collaboration.

Click this to bring up the share options, whether to another member of your team or to a member of the public. Click here for more information on sharing. 

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