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Connect a cloud storage to access and save my files?
Connect a cloud storage to access and save my files?

Connect Dropbox, OneDrive, Google GDrive to Xara Cloud.

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

All files you create from a template or import into Xara Cloud are automatically saved to Xara Storage. Also, you can connect your Google Drive, OneDrive, or your Dropbox account to Xara, allowing you to open, move, and save documents there.

To connect your drive to your account, make sure you are in the File Picker, Select your company and then click on +Add cloud storage in the drop down:

Then select a Drive from a provider below to add...

You'll then be taken to the cloud provider's website to authenticate Xara to access your cloud drive and files. Once this is done, you will be taken back to Xara Cloud and can then access the contents of the drive.

Note: If you sign up with Dropbox, your drive is automatically connected to your account also. This is due to Dropbox's account and drive policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add multiple drives from one provider?

Yes, simply sign into your other accounts from their respective websites and follow the steps above again.

Can I add a cloud provider other than the ones listed above?

Currently no, however, we are working towards providing this as a possibility.

How do I disconnect the cloud drive from my account?

Please see this article on how to disconnect a drive.

Can I connect to a shared storage drive?

Currently no, however, this is also on our road-map for the future.

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