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The Settings menu
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The Settings menu as it appears in the Document picker has a reduced list of options...

  1. In the Document picker

  2. Tap the Settings menu icon

  3. Settings menu as it appears in the Document picker

The options are...


  • Sign out

When you have a document open, the settings menu has additional options...

The View settings control how your documents appear in the work area. Normally documents will appear at 100% zoom, but you can have them appear at Fullscreen, Fit to width and Fit page. When a document is loaded that is wider than the work area width (or viewport) the document automatically fits to the available width (including any comments that have been added). You can also control this through the Zoom control at bottom left of work area.
In the User panel you can Change sign-in details. The Advanced settings option allows you to modify cloud drive access, marquee selection settings, file lists and "Hold to select" delay settings.

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