What is locking?

You can lock objects on the page to prevent them from being moved, resized or edited. For example, you can lock the aspect ratio on your logo to prevent it being stretched, or lock certain parts of your design to prevent unwanted editing.

Different types of locking

Basic Locks

Basic locks are free to all teams and members, and allows you to prevent an object from be edited.


Admins, Members and guests can edit the object as usual, relative to their user permissions.

Lock all

Locks all properties of the object, preventing all editing and movement.

Advanced Locks

Advanced locks are available to subscribed teams, and gives you a finer control over how objects can be edited within your documents.

Lock aspect ratio

User can edit and move as normal. If they resize the object, they can only do so using the corner handles (so it maintains the aspect ratio).

Tip: This is useful for your logos and other elements of your brand, to prevent distortion and stretching.

Lock size and position

Allows editing of the object but not movement or resizing. This is useful for maintaining the layout of a document whilst updating the content, for example a newsletter or product sheet.

Only Admins can unlock

By default all Members and Admins can lock and unlock objects. By checking the Only Admins can unlock option,

How to lock an object

  1. Select the object, or multi-select the objects.

  2. Click the lock icon in the context menu, or from the right hand properties panel.

  3. Select what you wish to lock.

How to tell if an object is locked

When selecting an object, the content menu above will show you what sort of lock, if any has been applied. For example, if your logo has the Lock aspect ratio lock applied, it will appear as so:

The lock will appear red if it has the Only Admins can unlock option set:

Team Templates

Locks can be applied to a document, and saved as a Team Template (File > Save as Template). These locks will continue to be applied when opening the template by your team.

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