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Users and permissions
Users and permissions

Learn about Xara for Teams users and permissions. User management. Invite members. Collaboration.

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Document Only




Photo Editing

Free Stock Photos

Preset Photo Filters

Editor's Choice




Default color schemes

Default text style schemes

Create and edit themes

Apply themes

Add custom fonts

Apply custom fonts

Set assets folder

Set SmartFields

Apply SmartFields


Add guest


Email collaborators

Unlimited re-publish

Share without branding

Custom share link

Team Management

Manage user rights

Add members

Invite guests


Connect cloud storage

Set company folder

Access company folder

How do I navigate to Users and Permissions

1) Click on your team within the File Picker > Manage Team

2) On the left hand side, click on Users & Permissions

How do I add a user and set their permissions?

1) In the Users and Permissions section, add the email address of the member you want to add at the top, and click 'Add'

2) Once added, you can set the permission level in the table below the add button, from the inline dropdown field.

Please note that each team must have at least one admin, so if you wish to change an account type from admin to member, there must be at least another user who is an admin.

If I am already subscribed and add a user, will I be billed immediately

Yes. If you are on a Team account and add a new user, you will be billed immediately for it.

If you are on a Pro account, you will be prompted to upgrade to a Team account to add more members.

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