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Adding a user to your team and setting their permissions

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You’ve set up an account and are now ready to add more Users. Whether it’s for collaboration or proofreading, Xara makes it simple to start adding your team members.

To add a member, navigate to the Users and Permissions page. You can access the page by clicking on your profile in the upper left hand corner of your Home Screen. From the dropdown, click ‘Users and permissions.’

You can also access the page by clicking on the ‘Add Member’ logo on the upper right corner of the screen, to the left of the ‘Import file’ button.

On this page you’ll see a list of every active team member, their email, and their account type.

In the address bar, enter the email of the member(s) you want to add, then click ‘Invite All'. You can set the permission level in the dropdown to the right of the address bar. By default, the role will be set to 'Member'.

Once added, you’ll see their details added to the list of roles in place. The user will be sent an email to confirm their new role. Once they accept, they're in!

NOTE: Every team must have at least one Admin. You can change any account type to any role you wish, provided there’s one Admin role at all times.

​You can learn more details about permissions for each role type HERE.

If I am already subscribed and add a user, will I be billed immediately?

Our current Scale and Essential plans include 3 user licenses. If you add more than 3 users then yes, you will be billed for an additonal user license at the time you add the fourth member of the team. The cost of the extra license will be pro-rated to your next renewal date, and from then on it will be charged at the same time as your subscription renewal. The cost will be shown when you click Invite All.

Note: If you want to 'swap' a user, you have the option to remove a user (just click the X next to their email address in Users & Permissions) and add a replacement, in which case there will be no charge. Only when you reach the limit of your unallocated user licenses will you be shown the cost of adding another user license.

Take a look at our Pricing Page for more details on the cost of adding user licenses.

Can I add user licenses before I know the users?

Yes. You can purchase extra user licenses and enter the Users later. In Billing & Plans select My Products & Plan and click on Purchase User Licenses. That will show you how many you currently have and the cost of adding more. Note the cost will be pro rated to your next renewal date. Once you have added additional user licenses you will be able to invite the extra users via Users & Permissions.

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