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Xara Storage explained: Managing your Files & Folders
Xara Storage explained: Managing your Files & Folders

How to save and manage your files and folders

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

NEW NOVEMBER 2021. Files are now saved to Xara Storage by default rather than your own cloud drive, offering a single dedicated space for all your Xara Cloud files. Plus an improved Home screen, described below, makes it quick and easy to manage your files and folders and find your documents.

Xara Storage

In Xara Cloud all your documents are saved automatically to Xara Storage, either in private Your Files folders or shared Team Files folders.

Every member of a Team has their own private Your Files folder, which is not accessible to anyone else. But note that the storage used for these folders is part of the Team’s overall storage quota. Whenever a new document is created, it’s automatically saved in your private Your Files folder.

In addition every Team has a single Team Files folder. All members of the team can see this folder and can move any documents into this folder, so all team members can access them.

View your Team’s current storage usage in the Settings menu (click on your team name in the top left corner of the Home screen).

The Home Screen

You can access and manage Your Files and Team Files from the Home Screen.

If you are a Member or Guest of more than one team, you can see these teams in the left side bar of the Home screen. The first letter of each team name is shown. Click on any team to select it.

The Recent filter shows your recently used documents for the currently selected Team.

The Shared with you filter in the Home screen shows all documents in the currently selected Team that other users have shared with you using the Share with others feature.

Note if you are a guest of a team then you can see that team in the Home screen. You can see your Recent documents and documents shared with you in Shared with you. But you cannot create new documents - you need to become a Member of the team to create.

Organizing Your Files & Folders

From within the Home screen you can create folders and sub-folders to organize your documents. Under Team Files, Your Files or in your connected cloud storage click +Add new folder.

You can easily move any document from one folder to another, for example from Your Files to Team Files, to make it visible to all members of your team. For a single file simply right click on the 3 dots under the file. You can also Delete and Rename files here.

You can also select multiple files or folders in Your Files or Team Files, in order to move them to other folders or delete them.

Either hover over the file/folder and click the checkbox in the top left corner

or marquee select the files /folders

you'll see the new toolbar with Select All, Move and Delete options.

the Select All option selects all files in the folder.

External Storage

If you want to continue storing your documents in external cloud storage instead of Xara Storage (for example desktop customers who are using Xara Cloud for collaboration), you can move new documents there after they have been created in Your Files; simply select Move to Folder in the File menu of the Xara Cloud editor. Note this is a move not a copy, files will be saved there in future.

Sharing Documents

You can still use the Share with others facility in the Share menu of the document editor, to share a document with anyone, whether they are members of your team or not. It doesn’t matter where the document is located, it can be in Your Files, Team Files or in external cloud storage.

Storage Limits for free, Pro and Team

Free Xara Cloud: 50MB

Xara Cloud Pro and Pro+ : 1 GB

Xara Cloud Team and Team+: 5 GB

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