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What are Team Assets, how to set up Team Assets, and how to add Team Assets to your document.

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What are Team Assets?

Team Assets are a collection of reusable digital assets that you can add in any document, without the need for exiting the editor.

Xara helps improve the productivity of you and your team by providing one central location for your assets, easy management of your assets and a simplified workflow for inserting them into your documents.

Asset Types

There are 3 asset folders by default - logos, images and components - but you can easily add your own folders for whatever asset type reflects your business requirements, including text, icons, tables or headings for example.

Each type of asset will behave slightly differently in your documents. Click on the buttons below to learn more about each of the default types:

How do I add to or delete assets from my library?

Admins are able to add or delete assets within their team's assets folder. Click on the button here to learn more:

How do I insert an asset into my document?

1) Click on Assets on the left hand side of the editor

2) The panel will show your current asset folders.

3) Click on the asset to insert it into your document, or drag it in.

Who can access my teams assets?

Admins and Members can access team assets, Guests cannot.

Where are my assets stored?

Your assets are stored on Xara Cloud servers.

How much storage space do I have?

The space available is based on your subscription level:

Subscription Plan

Storage space







How do I increase my storage space?

Please contact our sales team here:

What happens if I delete an asset that I've added to my document?

The assets you insert are independent of each document. If an asset is deleted from one document, other documents with the same asset won't be affected.

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