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What are logos in team assets?

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Logos are image files that are used to brand your document. They're designed to be replaceable with other logos.

What does being replaceable mean?

Simply put, this means that if you want to replace the logo with another one, you don't have to delete, re-insert and reposition (or possibly re-embed) your new one.

Rather, simply click on the logo, click on the replace button on the context toolbar and from there you can select your new logo.

What does being marked up as a logo mean?

Logos are tied to your brand, hence when you open a template from the file picker - it'll update the theme colors, styles and logos etc to match the selected brand (If no brand is selected, nothing is updated and the template defaults are maintained).

If you add a Logo from the asset library into your document, it'll insert it 'as is' - i.e. as it does in the thumbnail. If you then change the brand, it'll replace anything marked as a logo, with what is set in the brand.

Above GIF: Updating the brand will update logos to match what is set in your brand.

Logos can be combined with other objects to form components, for example as a footer or letterhead of a document.

What file types are supported for Logos?

You can select anything on your page and add it as a logo to your assets. Click here to see how to add assets to your library.

Note: Only admins can add assets to your library. Members can insert assets into documents.

If you want to upload a logo to your asset library from either your computer, a URL or a cloud drive, these are the file types that are supported:

  • JPG / JPEG

  • PNG

  • SVG

  • BMP

  • GIF

  • TIF / TIFF

If you want to add a logo from a file type not in the above list, you can try opening that file directly in Xara Cloud and then add it from within the document. Click here for all formats we support.

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