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What are components in team assets?

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Components are different to Logos and Images in that:

  • They are not replaceable.

  • Can contain a mixture of text, images, shapes, logos or other objects.

  • Store the theme colors and text styles of each object.

For example, a text panel, diagram, graphics or combination of text and images are all suitable for components.

Theme Colors and Styles

When you save something as a component, it will store all theme colors and text styles associated with each object. When you then insert a component, it will update the colors and text styles to match the current brand*.

* This is if a brand is selected. If no brand it selected, it will use whatever color and text style was saved with the component.

If your component contains a logo, it will also update the logo to what is set in your brand (see logos for more information).

Any custom colors will remain as a custom color.

Images as Components

If you save an image as an Image type asset, it'll be saved with any enhancements or edits permanently applied - e.g. if you add a photo filter, you won't be able to remove it again.

This is where Components differ. If you save an image as a Component type asset, any enhancements or filters will still be editable after inserting.

For example, A is my original image, B is the same image that has a photo filter and frame around it. If I save B as a Component, I'll be able to edit or remove that filter and frame again after inserting.

Does this mean that all photos or images should be saved as Components? No. If you want to replace something within your documents, you won't be able to do so if it is saved as a Component asset. You can replace it however if it is saved as an Image asset (see below on what being replaceable means).

What does it mean that components are not replaceable?

Unlike images and logos, If you insert a component - for example a text panel, and you wish to replace it with another text panel, you will have to delete it and then re-insert your new panel.

That being said, if your component - say again a text panel, has a logo or image within, you can replace that individual logo and image like you would any other object. Click on the image or logo, then click the replace button on the context bar.

What file types are supported?

You can select anything on your page and add it as a component to your assets. Click here to see how to add assets to your library.

Note: Only admins can add assets to your library. Members can insert assets into documents.

If you want to upload a logo to your asset library from either your computer, a URL or a cloud drive, these are the file types that are supported:

Supported component file types:

  • XAR

  • SVG

  • PNG

  • JPG / JPEG

  • BMP

  • TIF / TIFF

  • GIF

I have a file not in the supported file list, how can I add it?

Xara Cloud support a number of formats. If you want to add a file format that is not in the above list, e.g. PDF or DOCX, simply open the in Cloud, then select what you want on the page and add it from there.

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