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Managing your Team Assets

How to upload, add and delete your assets within the Asset Library.

Written by Kate Moir
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Note: Only admins can add to and delete your teams assets. Members can insert assets.

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Adding Assets to your Asset Library

1) Adding & Managing Assets in the Home Screen

The Home Screen offers a convenient way to upload and manage your team assets. It also provides a central place to store team assets such as logos and images, text and icons, making them easy to find and easy to manage.

In the Home Screen, click Team Assets. By default there are 3 folders - components, images and logos - but you can add new folders as required by clicking Add new folder, then click Upload or drag and drop files to add your asset files.

Click the 3 dots ... next to the folder name to manage the folder (delete and rename). You can also toggle between grid and list view for both folders and files by clicking the grid/list icon on the right. In list view you can sort by size and date.

Within the folder you can manage your files by clicking the 3 dots... beneath the file, as follows.

Any uploaded assets will appear in Assets in the left toolbar when you are editing your documents.

2) Adding Assets While Editing

You can also add assets to your library while you are editing a document in Xara Cloud.

If you want to upload an asset to your asset library from either your computer, a URL or a cloud drive, you can do so by opening Assets on the left hand side, and clicking Upload.

Then select from where you want to upload your assets.

These are the supported file formats:

  • XAR

  • SVG

  • PNG

  • JPG / JPEG

  • BMP

  • TIF / TIFF

  • GIF

3) Adding items from your document to your team's assets

1) Select the object you wish to add.
2) Within the context menu, click on Add to assets


3) Select the folder you wish to add the asset to, or create folder if you wish to create a new one.

Deleting Assets from your Asset Library

1) Deleting from the Home Screen

You can delete assets from the Home Screen. Simply click on Team Assets, select the folder, then click the 3 dots next to the asset you wish to delete to show the delete option.

2) Deleting while editing a document

1) Click on Assets on the left hand panel.

2) Select the asset you wish to delete.

3) Hover over the asset and click the delete icon.

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