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MLS Connect 101 - Adding, Editing, and Deleting
MLS Connect 101 - Adding, Editing, and Deleting

A brand new feature from Xara to help you import MLS Listing details easily

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So you’ve created a killer document, and are ready to add the details to your listing - look at you go, you’re a pro! But now you’re at the most tedious part of the process: adding all of the details from your MLS Listing. No need to cringe, as Xara has your back here. If you our Scale plan, MLS Connect will allow you to pull the specifics straight from your listing into your document. All for the sake of helping you streamline the closing process.

Adding a Listing

You can find the option to add your listing details in the editor. Click the white MLS link near the bottom corner of the left side menu.

A second menu will expand from the same side. If this is your first time using the tool, you will be only prompted to enter your Listing ID in the toolbar. Click Apply.

Voilà. The details from your MLS Listing are added to the document.

Details that are pulled include: Listing Info, Agent Info, and Listing Photos. Our API auto-populates it all so you can have the document ready to share with the online world in no time.

You can access the full details pulled into the document from the expanded menu. Click on All to the right of the title to view the full list of elements pulled. You can find the Agent details under its own tab at the top of the menu:

If you want to use the same template for a different listing number, just enter the new number into the same field and click Apply.

NOTE: Only one MLS Listing can be used per document. If you want to have a second listing pulled, a new document will need to be created.

Editing Fields

Fields from the Listing info can be edited just as any SmartField. Need to change a detail in your listing? We’ve got you covered there, too!

The API will detect and prompt you to update the field in the document if it’s been changed in your listing. The prompt will appear in the toolbar that pops up when you click on the field in your document. The red refresh logo indicates it needs updating, while the green check mark means it's up-to-date.

Fields can also be edited within the document by clicking on the field and typing the adjustment manually.

Deleting a Field

Found a field that isn’t necessary? No problem.

You can delete a form by going to the document’s editor page. Click on any field that you wish to delete. Hit backspace/delete on your keyboard to remove it from the document.

Does Xara charge me to input my MLS?

No. However, agents have to pay fees to the MLS to get access to the information as it has always worked.

Is the information and data transfer safe?
The information and data transferred is fully compliant, and Xara doesn't store any of the MLS data, nor does it create a service out of it. The feature is compliant with MLS and real estate marketing guidelines.

Take a look at our tutorial on adding a listing here:

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