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Product Update - 17th November 2022
Product Update - 17th November 2022

A major step forward for Digital Asset Management in Xara Cloud

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

This update adds structure and clarity to your content, with new and flexible Team Asset folder options in the home screen and editor that will accelerate campaigns, projects, or client work.

  • Create your own Team Asset folders and sub-folders, and add assets to those folders in either the Home Screen or direct in the editor, so you can now more efficiently manage your campaigns, customers, brands or products.

  • You are no longer limited to Logos, Components and Images. You can create unlimited shareable folders that reflect your business needs, including any asset such as text, tables, icons or headings.

  • Folders can be renamed or deleted (including default folders)

  • New file sorting features (by name/size/date and list view mode)

  • And you can now move assets across folders in the Home Screen to help ensure everyone in the team is using the right content (for example by creating current and archived folders)

Your Team Asset folders will help you de-clutter, organize and share every image, logo, text, and creative component associated with your projects, in one central place, ensuring everyone on your team is consistently on message!

Find our more about Team Asset management in our support center articles here.

As usual this update also includes many minor usability enhancements and fixes including:

  • Improved scrolling behavior - for users working with a mouse without a wheel (i.e. magic mouse in Apple) or using a trackpad, and also to avoid excessive zoom in/out when trying to find components on the canvas. So your working area remains centred and you can stay focussed on document creation!

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