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Product Update - 30th November 2023
Product Update - 30th November 2023

Enhancements to the Document Checker and Xpressdocs; Spell Check; Real Estate SmartFields

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

Out latest Xara Cloud update includes improvements to the new Xpressdocs and Document Checker tools (check out the release note for these features if you haven't heard the news), and a significant new option for our Real Estate customers.

Real Estate Agents: Automatically copy listing data from your website to a Xara Cloud template, no MLS required

If you're a Real Estate agent we think you'll love this time-saving feature: You can now populate a Real Estate template with the data captured from a URL, making it quick and easy to customize any of our huge selection of Real Estate templates with the data from a property on your website. You no longer need an MLS connection, just copy the URL of a property from your website, open a listing template, paste the URL and you're done! Xara's AI tool will work out the appropriate information to capture and auto-fill the SmartFields for the template.

You also have the option to enter the URL via the Real Estate button on the left hand toolbar.

Note you will only see these options if your industry is set to Real Estate.

For further information see our video tutorial Auto-populate listing data from your website and Support Article.

Spell Check - Add to Team Dictionary

There is now an option to add words flagged as spelling mistakes to your Team dictionary, so they are ignored in future for all members of your Team. Very handy for brand names or place names for example.

Document Checker Improvements

The Add to Dictionary option has also been added to the Document Checker, along with a new 'Ignore' action for any potential improvements suggested;

Xpressdocs For All Document Sizes

If you select Print via Xpressdocs (in the File menu) and your document doesn't meet any of the size formats supported by Xpressdocs, you now have a workflow that enables you to resize your document automatically to fit those requirements. In other words, the Xpressdocs 'one click print' feature is now available for all document sizes.

For more info on Xpresdocs and the Document Checker see this article.

Why not log in to Xara Cloud now and give the new features a try!

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