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Product Update - 5th March 2024
Product Update - 5th March 2024

Recent Maintenance Updates

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

For the last few weeks we've focussed on implementing a host of small improvements and fixes, many suggested by our power users (keep up the feedback!) but everyone will benefit from the smoother workflow. Too many tweaks to list, but for example...

  • Finishing touches to the recently introduced ability to select multiple files or folders in Your Files, or your team Documents and Assets folder (see this release note if you missed that news)

  • Requested changes to the way the ignore option works in the new Document Check feature (see this release note for more on Document Check)

  • New Copy Link option for team template folders

  • Spell checker now works in SmartFields (and many other SmartField improvements and fixes - if you have encountered an issue with SmartFields we've hopefully now fixed it!)

  • Your document name is now shown in browser tabs

  • We now show your Team logo (if configured) when opening a document

  • Real Estate customers will see a new Replace option in the context bar when images are selected (the replace options will include From MLS if an MLS is connected):

  • Some reported issues on PDF import, fixed

  • Occasional wrong language selection when creating or importing documents, fixed

  • Repeating objects, symbols & logos not always updating correctly, fixed

  • Download button on assets in Home Screen not always working, fixed.

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